Create org charts – automated and uncomplicated!

The org.manager enables anybody to create and publish organizational charts of their company or team structure within minutes. With our org charting software there are no limits to your creativity for the design, layout, or content of your org chart. Whether kept simple for HR related tasks or a more complex organogram with key performance figures of your company, the org.manager makes it happen. Thanks to direct linkage to SAP HCM and/or SuccessFactors the created org charts will always be up to date.

The org.manager is a product of Ingentis offered by X-cluesIT.

Out-of-the-box SAP SuccessFactors solution

Your people are your most important asset. We provide an out-of-the-box HR solution enabling you to focus on cultivating a culture of success throughout your organisation.

The pre-configured SAP SuccessFactors system enables you to attract the right talent, align that talent to your company’s goals, and reward your top performers. The solution provides end-to-end hire to retire lifecycle support through an amazing core HR platform, all with a user-friendly approach.

The pre-configured SAP SuccessFactors solution can be deployed in days, ensuring that you fast track your HR journey. Self-configuration has been enabled through a unique next generation tool, based on the leading user engagement and adoption solution WalkMe, minimising your upfront expenditure and accelerating your return on investment.

The pre-configured SAP SuccessFactors system is a product of Synchrony Global that is offered by and delivered through X-cluesIT.

Managed Payroll

Managed Payroll is a fully scalable cloud-based solution that is designed to be used for everyone, everywhere. Our user-friendly interface results in quick adoption with minimal training effort. With a simple implementation methodology that focuses on reducing time to go live, the solution allows you to realise business benefits in an accelerated manner, enabling your HR team to focus on strategic partnership rather than acting as a back office.

Managed Payroll is localized across 41 countries around the globe including compliance with requirements such as taxes, social insurances, pensions and associated reporting. The solution is updated regularly to ensure legal compliance automatically.

Our solution is compliant with security standards and provides full disaster recovery services, ensuring peace of mind from the outset.

Managed payroll is offered with the following three service levels:


  • Provision of application and hosting
  • Transformation into a standardised best practice cloud solution
  • Provision of application support and legal update management
  • Allows clients to retain processing of services in-house whilst minimising IT expenditure


  • All services contained within Enabling
  • Provision of managed services through delivery capability
  • Transformation into a best practice operating model to support front-office staff
  • Allows clients to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Complements a client’s established process model, allowing client to retain face-to-face responsibility in-house


  • All services contained within Enabling and Managed
  • Provision of end-to-end services, including voice and data entry support
  • End-to-end business transformation, removing non-core, transactional work from a client’s operations, allowing increased focus on core and strategic functions

Managed Payroll is a service of Synchrony Global that is offered by X-cluesIT and delivered in close cooperation between X-cluesIT and Synchrony Global.

Authorizations Management Suite

Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) is a SAP security solution suite which focuses on role design, maintenance, testing, S/4HANA migration as well as vulnerability scanning of custom ABAP code and the creation & validation of SAP security concepts.

Published auditing standards and legal regulations require companies to impose restrictions on authorizations. This inevitably leads to the regular reworking of existing or the creation of entirely new authorization concepts.

The implementation of authorization projects is a challenge in every respect, requiring a professional understanding of the underlying business processes, technical knowledge of the SAP authorization scheme, and a methodical and efficiently-run project.

The Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) significantly shortens critical and time-consuming phases in SAP authorization projects and helps to ensure their successful completion.

This solution allows us to offer a best-practice approach for the integral management of SAP authorizations in the ABAP field – the Xiting Authorizations Life-cycle.

XAMS is a product of Xiting offered by X-cluesIT.